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Build the Tango Skiff

The original Tango started out with a traditional transom, but performance was dissapointing.  I decided to modify the transom and extend the running surface beyond the prop thinking this might keep the stern from digging in and would provide additional buoyancy.  Worked like a charm.  I was able to get up on plane with just a 3.5hp motor.
Tango 12,  built from just 4 sheets of plywood.  I added a middle seat so passengers could sit facing forward.  
Tango 13, made from 5 sheets of plywood.  The first Tango with a steering console.  
"Double Take", a Tango 14 built by Jason Chase from Greensboro, NC.  Very sharp!
"Wango Tango", a tricked out Tango 14 built by Bill Hunt from SC.  
Notice the electronics and all the extra storage which includes an anchor locker and insulated compartment in the bow.  Nicely done!
The designer's open cockpit Tango 14.
Tango 15 built by Zoltan Flodung. The first Hungarian "Tango".
Tango 15 with a hardtop!  Built by Marc Weniger of Yucaipa, California.
Tango 15 built by Gary Ohmer of Ketchikan, Alaska.
The designer's Tango 14 with center console.
Here's a fine example of how you can customize a Tango Skiff.  Starting with plans for the Tango 15, Morten Lovstad of Houston TX stretched the hull out and lowered the sides to create this very sharp looking flats skiff.  Well done!
Tango 15 built by Gabriel Ionescu of Romania.
Tango SUP built by Doug Allport of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Tango 14 built by Nick Mauro of Venice, FL.
Here's a very attractice stretched out T15 with an interesting transom modification from the Virgin Islands.